Beacon Health System donates equipment to Potawatomi Zoo

Beacon Health System employees delivered a special donation to the Potawatomi Zoo on Wednesday.

Beacon employees delivered an anesthesia machine to the zoo, which was previously used in the hospital.

The machine will be valuable for the zoo when an animal must be under anesthesia for long periods of time.

Beacon Health has donated an exam table, oxygen monitoring systems, cabinetry and other equipment to the zoo.

The donated equipment allows the zoo to spend its money in other ways to benefit the animals.

"By not having to purchase new medical equipment, the relationship with Beacon Health allows the Zoo to use the money saved to be put to use in other ways to benefit the animals," says Dr. Ronan Eustace, zoo veterinarian, in a press statement. "We have a very well equipped hospital, in large part thanks to contributions such as this over the years."

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