Beacon Health System Prepares for New CEO

NOW: Beacon Health System Prepares for New CEO

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Beacon Health System is preparing for a change in leadership.

The current Chief Executive Officer, Phil Newbold, announced Tuesday that he is stepping down from his position after 30 years.

Starting in November he will turn over his responsibilities to incoming CEO Kreg Gruber.

During Newbold’s time with Beacon he started on of the first tithing policies in the country. He also helped expand the South Bend Children’s Hospital, and many other accomplishments.

“This is a great time for a transition. The hospitals and health system have never been stronger. The hospital and health systems have never been stronger. Clinical quality is terrific,” said Newbold.

He said he’s ready to help the next generation by sharing his experience with Gruber.

Gruber says he ready for the challenge.

“With all the unknowns with healthcare, we just have to be a very constant and steady and firm voice around that, and that's part of the role we play. I think that's incredibly important going into the future, and one of the things that we're responsible for is making sure that the services that we have today are always improving,” said Gruber.

Newbold will stay on board until the end of the year, to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

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