Believe in the B.E.A.T.: Help a local band play at an Indy SuperBowl party

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A local band is trying to earn a spot at a Super Bowl party in Indianapolis.

The band is called B.E.A.T.

They are in the running to open for The Roots, who you may know from Jimmy Fallon's show, and Jane’s Addiction.

The competition is only open to bands that have at least two members from Indiana.

The band is hip-hop and told us their goal is to give hip-hop a positive image.

They are also having a lot of fun!

"I can loop things and make it repeat. Part of what makes us unique is that we can make things repeat, so like that I can manipulate sound and I can get my voice to sound very deep down. Vote for the B.E.A.T.,” said Eli Kahn, a band member.

To vote for the B.E.A.T., click here.

You can also connect with the band on Facebook.

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