Benton Harbor group to give Christmas gifts to less fortunate

One group in Benton Harbor was in the holiday spirit Wednesday night and they’re looking to spread the joy of Christmas to those less fortunate in the area.

The members of Benton Harbor’s ABBA Temple spent the night buying new toys and goods for this city’s orphanage.

“We like to give back to the inner city of Benton Harbor,” said member Jeff Sistruak.

This group of men was in the giving spirit as they strolled down aisles of toys.

They were looking to spread fun and fellowship to those who could use it one gift at a time.

“We picked a shelter and we’ve been doing it for four years and we hope to keep doing it for many years to come,” said Sistruak.

A couple of carts full of Christmas joy don’t come cheap, but it’s well worth it to these guys.

“We like to pitch in and help each other out,” said Sistruak. “So we solicited donations from different stores but we also provided and gave donations from our own pockets,” said Sistruak.

They are planning on delivering those gifts to the shelters on the 23rd.

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