Benton Harbor High School students get 'new tech' curriculum

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Students at Benton Harbor High School are returning to renovated classrooms with new desks, marker boards and laptops, but those aren't the only changes. The school's curriculum is also getting a makeover.

"I think it's nice. And it's a better place and environment," said student Joyce Patterson.

"The classes themselves are much more improved," said student Jessica Goodale.


Principal Timothy Reece says the school is transitioning from a traditional curriculum to new tech.

"If you see what youth are doing today, they're texting, they're Tweeting, they got iPods, they're on the laptops and they're doing it all at the same time. So this is an opportunity for kids to have some hands on experience using technology in their learning," said Reece.

Reece says learning will be more hands-on.

In the coming weeks, each student and faculty member will receive their own laptop.

"This is a technology generation now. And kids are so used to using their hands and searching the web and doing things through social media, I think this will just incorporate and enhance. We can incorporate other things throughout the curriculum and this will enhance their ability to continue to strive and learn," said Reece.

The goal is to get students college ready and teach them skills necessary for the work force.

Right now there is no available data on whether the new tech curriculum has had a positive impact on students grades or test scores, but Reece says he has seen positive results so far.


"Kids are engaged right now, from what I've seen since I've been here, about learning," said Reece.

Currently, only freshmen and sophomores are under the new tech curriculum. The school plans to transition all grades into the new tech curriculum within the next four years.


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