Benton Harbor homeowners concerned about long-term water leak

 Neighbors in a Benton Harbor community say a busted pipe has caused water to rush down Mineral Avenue since April.

“It is very frustrating you've got this water steady running, popping up out of the ground and running half down the street, if it weren't for the drain pipe, we would have water backed up into our basements,” said Betty Dumas, whose daughter lives on Mineral Avenue.

Water is gushing out of the ground in Denise Dumas' tree-lawn.

“I've seen crews out at other locations fixing water leaks and breaks, but not here, addressing this one and this is a problem,” said Denise.

Denise says she has tried everything she knows to do to get help from the city.

“I have been down to city hall, filed a formal complaint, showed pictures, showed video, talked to commissioners, everything, so for me, turning to media is the last resort, I need this fixed before winter," Denise said.

In about a month when temperatures drop, the water that is flooding her lawn and driveway will be a sheet of black ice.

But Denise says that is not the only problem. 

“My water bill went up one month, drastically," Denise said.

Denise says she has lived her home on Mineral Avenue for 16 years and averages two to three units of usage, every month. 

But after the water started rushing out of the ground, she was charged for 33 units of usage in one month.

“I had not been using any more water than I normally would use.  All we do here is wash dishes, wash clothes, and wash our bodies, and there are only three people living in the house," Denise said.

At this point, the Dumas family and their neighbors say they just want the problem fixed.

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