Incumbent Marcus Muhammad wins Benton Harbor mayoral race against Ron Singleton

Incumbent Marcus Muhammad will remain as the mayor of Benton Harbor after winning the election against City Commissioner Ron Singleton.

Muhammad edged Singleton with 612 votes to 521 votes. Muhammad earned 54% of the vote.

Both candidates were optimistic about their chances of winning the election.

They were the two top vote-getters of the six way primary. Muhammad will be the leader of the city of approximately 10,000 people.

Before the all votes were tallied, both candidates said they know the important issues facing the city is what will drive the voters to make their final choice.

"You know it has been a long march but you know I’m confident. I’m running on my record so now it’s up to the voters," Muhammad said.

"There’s people who are looking at doing some of the things that I’ve put out there and people are looking for something different," Singleton said.

Muhammad will serve another four years as Mayor of Benton Harbor.

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