Benton Harbor officials investigate young man's body found dead in snow

A young man found dead in the snow.

ABC57 News is the only station at the crime scene with the latest updates. Sunday morning, Benton Harbor Department of Public Works responded to a man down in the snow on Superior Street.

The victim’s family didn’t want to speak on camera, but said they’re still trying to figure out what exactly happened. People in the neighborhood say that violence isn’t new. One neighbor said things have not really changed.

“I feel like it may not get better than what it is right now.,” said Philip Howard. “The only reason why I say that is because coming up it was hard for me just walking up and down these streets without an altercation.”

Howard has been living in Benton Harbor since he was in third grade. As soon as he got out of church he got the news.

“That’s scary to know that somebody just lost their life two blocks away, that’s real scary,” he said.

On Sunday around 10 a.m. officers of Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety responded to a man they found dead in the snow on the 800 block of Superior, near Empire Street.

The circumstances of the young man’s death are suspicious in nature. His name is being withheld tonight while police finish notifying the family.

Howard’s daughters walk to and from school passing this block almost every day. His daughter told ABC57 this crime hits home.

That will make us more afraid to walk around in our community that we live in and to know that people are getting killed around us is scary,” said Andrea Baker, Howard’s daughter.

Michigan State Police Major Case Unit, Berrien County Homicide Task Force and the FBI Violent Crime Task Force are working together with Benton Harbor’s DPS.

Even though neighbors here didn’t really know the victim, their concerns have started to rise.

It’ll make me more aware of my surroundings to make me know that everybody is not your friend; you can’t depend on anybody and to just be careful.,” said Baker.

Officers cleared the scene around 3 p.m. BHDPS is asking anyone with information to give them a call to help further this investigation.

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