Benton Harbor Schools seek $52 million bond, consolidation

The superintendent of Benton Harbor Schools is asking taxpayers for almost $52 million to help build a central campus for the district.

Benton Harbor Schools are in over $15 million  worth of debt.

Superintendent Dr. Leonard Seawood said in a special community forum Thursday night that the best solution is consolidation.

He hopes to move everyone into one central campus to save funds.

“We know if we can put everything together, we can cut our transportation costs, our food service costs, we can look at staffing,” Seawood said.

It will take a $51.98 million bond to make this possible.

The bond vote will appear on the November ballot.

Wavey Thompson, a 1974 Benton Harbor High School graduate said she is going to vote in favor of the bond.

“It's about education, and it's about getting the best education you can for your kids,” said Thompson, who has seven grandchildren currently in the district.

Seawood said the school's debt is largely due to a decrease in student enrollment and a lack of adjustment on the school's part.

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