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Benton Harbor shares new plan sparked by recent gun violence

BENTON HARBOR, MI.-- In light of the recent crime uptick, Benton Harbor is teaming up with Berrien County Sheriff's Deputies to put more manpower on the streets to not only help residents feel safer, but to send a message.

Benton Harbor city officials officials gathered today to unveil a plan that could "stop the violence, stop the silence," after four recent shootings that are shaking the community. 

Police, pastors and leaders coming together for peace.

"It has to be a joined community effort, has to be," says Director of the Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety, Daniel McGinnis Jr. "We can't simply be just law enforcement going out, there's got to be citizens. We have to work with out ministers, we know ministers touch families. Work with our apartment managers, get back to establishing our programs. Work closer with out businesses, work with our schools in our community."

Berrien County Sheriffs Deputies are donating $8,000 dollars to the $25,000 dollars Benton Harbor commissioners are investing in the project, immediately. 

Mamie Yarbrough, Berrien County District Commissioner, announced "the administration comity of Berrien County admitted 25,000 dollars to pay for overtime for deputy's to come into Benton Harbor."

Benton Harbor Mayor, Marcus Muhammad says when compared, the four deaths per capita per 10,000 people in Benton Harbor is equal to 12 hundred deaths in one night in Chicago. 

Despite the mayor's comparison, none of these weeks deadly shootings were deadly.

Benton Harbor Police tell ABC 57 that this is just the beginning of the operation. 

In the future, be on the lookout for more programs, like neighborhood watches.

Right now, police are still seeking suspects for those shootings and are stressing the importance of "see something, say something."

Those extra patrols begin tonight.

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