Benton Harbor students get clean water

NOW: Benton Harbor students get clean water

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- New filtered water refill stations are being installed at Benton Harbor High School to provide students with access to clean, lead-free drinking water.

The installation was a joint effort by Nalgene Outdoor, a reusable water bottle company, the non-profit Freshwater Future and the Benton Harbor Community Water Council.

Recent tests showed elevated levels of lead in the drinking water in Benton Harbor has been an ongoing issue.

it will cost a total of $13,000 to install two filtered water refill stations at the high school. Every student will get a free reusable water bottle.

“There is nothing more important than having clean water for our children. Lead in the water is poisonous and Benton Harbor right now has had three years of nothing but poison in the water,’ said Reverend Edward Pinkney, President and CEO of Benton Harbor Community Water Council.

The project’s goal is to install eight filtered water refill stations throughout the Benton Harbor Area Schools district by this Fall.

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