Benton Harbor's Marcus Muhammad and Ron Singleton will face off in November's General Election

NOW: Benton Harbor’s Marcus Muhammad and Ron Singleton will face off in November’s General Election

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – Benton Harbor’s Primary Election on Tuesday saw Mayor Marcus Muhammad and City Commissioner At-Large Ron Singleton as the top two vote getters thus leading them to face off in November’s General Election.

The Primary Election saw six candidates vying for one position in which the top two vote getters would move onto the general election.

“I’d like to see our streets be better and I’d like to see clean drinking water and stuff for the city of Benton Harbor,” Benton Harbor voter Patricia Burks said.

Other issues debated during the primary campaign season were the city’s educational system, infrastructure, and public safety.

“When November comes we’ll keep this movement moving forward, get it going and November we will put the finishing touches on it,” Benton Harbor’s City Commissioner Ron Singleton said.  

“Voters decided hey I want to push you to November and give me another opportunity to show why I’m the best candidate and should have a second term, I’m grateful,” Mayor Marcus Muhamad said.

Tuesday’s Primary Election saw 681 votes cast for the six candidates with Mayor Marcus Muhammad getting 393 of those votes and City Commissioner getting 211 of those votes.

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