Big changes ahead for SJC Public Library

The next time you walk through the doors of the St. Joseph County Public Library's main branch, it may look a little different. This is because soon the library will undergo a major renovation project.

Overall, it is a three story renovation project that is aimed at revamping departments and redoing the library entrance to make it more appealing to the downtown area. Some of the departments inside the library will move to different floors for better accessibility. For example, the Children's Services department will expand and move from the third to the first floor.

Some of the new additions include several study rooms, gallery spaces for small exhibits, and a large digital training room.

The library also has plans to relocate the front entrance so it will be closer to happenings on Michigan Street. The goal is to connect library-goers to people downtown so families, professionals, and everyone else can easily walk back and forth. The parking lot will also be relocated to the east side of the building.

This is the first time the library has gone through a major renovation project since 1990. While the project will be costly, the library has worked to make it a sustainable effort. They have already replaced much of the old lighting with LED bulbs and added other energy saving equipment. They also have merged some departments to share operational costs and lower staffing levels.

Right now it is expected that the project will be completed next spring.

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