Big Panda Buffet reschedule's mask distribution

NOW: Big Panda Buffet reschedule’s mask distribution

A local restaurant had to shut down its scheduled mask distribution after an overwhelming traffic situation put the whole thing on pause.

Cars have been lining up at Big Panda Buffet in Mishawaka since 6:30 a.m. to get face masks only to be turned away by the police due to traffic concerns.

Big Panda Buffet in Mishawaka was scheduled to hand out face masks today after successfully giving some out on Saturday.

The overwhelming turn out earlier in the day became a safety concern for local law enforcement.

Cars could be seen lined up from the restaurant all the way to the stoplight on Grape Road---which ended up blocking entryways for some essential businesses.

“Russ was completely blocked, west bound. We got people cutting through Fazoli’s here. Interfering with their business, so we’re trying to make it safe for everybody and that’s why we’re going to have to move location. Again this is a great idea and everything like that. We’re hoping that we can get it rescheduled so everyone can have one of those masks," Lieutenant Tim Williams of the Mishawaka Police said.

The new location for the mask distribution will be at University Park Mall. There’s no set date when the distribution will take place. You can check out Big Panda’s Facebook page for updates.

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