Bike the Bend 2015 lacking South Bend police presence

There will be a few less South Bend police officers out for Bike the Bend this year: 90 percent fewer to be more precise.

Only four South Bend officers have signed up to work the streets on Sunday for this event.

South Bend Police Chief Ron Teachman says simply put, his officers are tired, and with so many special events in South Bend happening right after each other, it gets to be too much of a workload.

“South Bend is a very vibrant and active community and we welcome these special events, but not all of them can we staff with South Bend police officers,” says Chief Teachman.

Teachman told ABC 57 special events in South Bend increased from just 73 in 2012 to a projected 305 this year, and now fatigue is starting to set in.

“They're just overwhelmed and its getting to a point where a lot of these guys are saying I gotta step back a minute,” says Lt. Eugene Eyster with South Bend Police.

Bike the Bend organizers are looking for extra point-the-way volunteers to help direct traffic this year.

If you're interested in helping out, contact Glenda Lamont: [email protected]
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