Birds take over Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS -- Some new residents have moved into Indy, and not everyone is excited about their new messy neighbors!

Pyrotechnics are being used scare away thousands of birds!

During the winter, starlings and crows flock downtown to keep warm.

It's estimated there are some 50,000 birds this year!

When you have that many birds flying overhead, there is a huge problem down below!

"I ain't tryin' to let 'em doo-doo on my head. So I'm making 'em get out of my way. "I don't want 'em to come on me with that stuff, man. You know what I'm sayin? That's not nice. You know what I mean? That's not nice,” said Eldridge Moore, a man trying to shoo away the birds.

Pyrotechnics aren't the only thing being used to get rid of the birds. Green lasers and loud speakers are also in place.

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