Birdsell Project opens art exhibit

If you like to take in the local art culture then this event may be for you. The Birdsell Project will have an Opening Reception for their Summer 2016 Artist Residency Exhibit.

Local artists and artists around the country have worked on art exhibits throughout the summer. In all there are 11 artists, 6 of which are from out of town.

"We’ve gotten a lot of support from the community and our artist network just keeps growing so that’s been really exciting to see the different people we draw in,” said Co-Founder of The Birdsell Project Nalani Stolz

Part of the mission of The Birdsell Project is to find abandoned or underutilized spaces and open them up for artists to use. This art exhibit is located in the basement of the Commerce Center.

There is a lot of history inside the building which used to be power plant back in the early 1900's. The building also served as a health club during the 80's and 90's. Inside the basement of the Commerce Center, old remains of the power plant and the East Bank Health Club can still be seen. Artwork by the artists reflect that history.

Each of the artists have crafted artwork that is adaptable to the space. Rusted pipes and structures of the pool and power plant are mixed in with the art.

Jacob Titus is a local Artist whose art piece focuses on photography. “When I came back to South Bend I just started taking pictures of the city and over time people started to comment on it that I seem to have some sort of talent for this,” said Titus.

For Titus, The Birdsell Project gives him an opportunity to showcase his work to the public.

“The Birdsell Project is something you may see something similar to that in a much larger city with more resources and things like that. It’s very cool to see artists from around the country move here for the summer and get to know our community and get plugged into things going on in our community,” Titus added.

The exhibit will open to the public on Saturday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The opening reception will take place from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The exhibit will be open until October. For ticket information, click here.

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