Bishop Brings Mass to Inmates

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Churches across Michiana were no doubt packed this morning.  Some people had to stand just to hear mass.  When you think of those joining hand in hand this morning, it may not come to mind those who are in jail, locked up for various crimes.  The inmates may often feel forgotten, but this morning, they were treated just as anyone else would be.

Bishop Rhoades says he can only imagine how hard it is for inmates spending Easter Sunday Inside these walls.

"I am sure it is really difficult to be here in prison on Easter", said Bishop Rhoades.

Since they can not make it to church on Easter, Bishop Rhoades decided to make it a little easier by bringing mass to them today.  While his sermon will be about Christ dying for their sins, he says the message will also be tailored to meet the spiritual needs of the 40 inmates.

"The message i would like to share with the men and women is the message of hope in christ..hope in redemption", said Bishop Rhoades.

Visiting jails on Easter Sunday has been a long time tradition for the Bishop.

"In my experience it means a lot to them", said Bishop Rhoades.

The Bishop says his faith guided him to give hope to the inmates even though they have fallen off God's path.

"I think of the words of Jesus in the parable of the last judgement where he said i was in prison and you visited me", said Bishop Rhoades.

He wants to make sure that inmates know they are not forgotten.

"They are members of the church and our brothers and sisters in christ", said Bishop Rhoades.

And that no crime is too serious to be forgiven.


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