Black Friday Madness at Best Buy

MISHAWAKA, IND--  Black friday camper Ali Salaman’s mom was not happy when he skipped thanksgiving dinner to stand in line for black friday at Best Buy.


“She did not want me to come, but I persuaded her too”, said Salaman.

Ali says he has his eyes on one particular item

“I am looking to buy the forty-two inch sharp LCD t.v.”, said Salaman.

Ali says the t.v. is on sale for $200, but best buy is selling only a limited number of t.v.’s at that price, so if anyone wants to get in line they better hurry.  When i got here at four the line was down to the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centre and now the line is all the way down to David’s Bridal.

“The line looks like it’s going to get bigger as time goes on so I am glad I am came here early but maybe a little too early..but you know rather be safe than sorry”, said camper Mo Sirhan.

Ali says he doesn’t even want to think about best buy running out of those t.v.’s.

“I am going to be pretty mad, waiting 24 hours and then not getting what you want”, said Salaman.

But mo says he is just thankful for the fun he has had camping out with his friends.

“it’s fun.  It’s cold.  If you are going to come with your friends go ahead and come but if you are going to come by yourself, it’s not worth it.  It is about the experience you are having not what you are getting”, said Sirhan.

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