Black Panther: South Bend actor shares journey to the big screen

Black Panther: South Bend actor shares journey to the big screen


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — after landing a role as an extra in a blockbuster movie, one local actor returned home to celebrate.

Jevon Johnson’s journey to the big screen has been a dream come true for the actor.

It’s a dream he has shared with friends and family in South Bend since he was student at Clay High School in 2013.

And as he walked the halls of his old stomping grounds again, he told other students this dream of his can also become their realities.

“It’s one of those experiences where you’re just like ‘wow, I’m here after so long of not being here,” said Johnson. “I like being home.”

Johnson returned to the halls of South Bend Schools on Monday after appearing on the streets of the fictional country of Wakanda.

“I’m, you know, a small town guy from little bitty South Bend,” he said. “So to have that recognition, it’s just awesome.”

Johnson is carving out his own lane in Hollywood with the tools he picked up on the stages of his of high school.

Although he has a lot to look forward to, revisiting his past was all about paying it forward.

“To have people actually recognizing what is happening and what could happen it’s an honor,” he said.

It’s an honor to him because of what this movie means to so many kids.

“This whole movie is representation for young black men, young black women. Older black men, older black women,” said Johnson. “Don’t ever forget who you are because even though we may not see the representation that we’re still important, we matter, we’re special.”

It’s a message he’s carried on his journey to the big screen.

And it’s now his message to folks looking to break out of their shells as well.

“Things in South Bend may not be where you want them to be, but things in South Bend are going to be looking up very soon,” he said. “So don’t ever think ‘Oh nothing is happening for me,’ something can happen for you if you put in the work to do so.”

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