Blue and Gold Game brings green to local businesses

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --  When you think of the Spring game at Notre Dame, two colors come to mind, blue and gold.  But quite a few local businesses added a third color to the list; green, the color of cold hard cash.

The manager of Between the Buns, Jeff Morauski, says business easily tripled today for the blue and gold game, and he expects the same turnout for the rest of Notre Dame’s football season.


Notre Dame fans were cheering loud today for the blue and gold game at Between the Buns today…one of those cheering fans was manager Jeff Morauski.

 “I’m a huge Notre Dame fan”, said Morauski.

But that is not the only reason. Notre Dame games also bring him a lot of business.

“It has been a great day for us all day…open up ten o’clock in the morning..been pretty much a full crowd the entire game”, said Morauski.

He says today’s Blue and Gold Game had a much better turnout than last years, and he expects the rest of Notre Dame’s football season to punt away last year’s business records too.

“No question..Everybody has average business throughout the year…but these weekends are incredible for everybody…it brings in so many more people to the town helps out the restaurants..helps out the bars”, said Morauski.

He says Between the Buns is the place to be for ND games, because the fans are so crazy.

“I think the atmosphere is’s just like you are at the game..people cheering..having a good time”, said Morauski.

Those who bleed blue and gold agree.

“It is better than being at the game”, said ND fan Katie Sheldon.

But they did reveal to me the real reason they come to between the buns on Saturdays for the game.

“Of course the papa smurf”, said Sheldon.

“The papa smurf is awesome”, said ND fan Colin Keeler.

Morauski says whatever the reason he is just glad those who can’t be at the game are cheering on Notre Dame from his restaurant.

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