Boat Industry booming with business

ELKHART, Ind. -- It might not be the best time of the year for boating, but it’s a good time to be in the boat industry.  Especially for Nautic Global Group who has a campus in Elkhart. 

"The entire marine business, the tide is rising so to speak," says Senior Vice President Mike O’Connell.

The marine industry in the past five years went through an extreme recession.

Now, it is taking off again, and Nautic Global Group is investing heavily in its plant, equipment, and especially people to take advantage of the recovery.

“We are going to need a bunch of new bodies, so currently we need about 70 new bodies just to meet our next quarter's business plan," says O’Connell.

O’Connell sees the company accelerating.

"We are spending money in Northern Indiana big time to go capture this market share, we are investing in people, we are uptalenting the people we have, and that is creating a lot of opportunities for new people coming in," says O’Connell.

To keep up their supply with the high amount of demand, there is a job for everyone.

“We are looking for MIG/TIG welders, we are looking for fiberglass laminators, finishers, gel coaters, upholsters, sewers, cutters, general assembly, you name it. If you can do it, we have an opportunity for you."

The Nautic Global Group Human Resource department will hold open interviews with potential employees on Wednesday, March 5th.

Interested parties must first fill out an online application by visiting

The open interviews will take place at the production facility located at 300 East Chicago Street in Syracuse, IN from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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