Body shop owner warns drivers to watch out for deer

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Karl Weis' body shop manager Dennis Orlowski says he can spot a car that has been hit by a deer from a mile away.

"It's obvious when you see them pull up you can almost say hey that was a deer.  Usually the hood is flattened like it hits a fender and rolls against the hood," said Orlowski.

He says this time of year is always pretty busy because of hunting season and corn harvesting.  But this year, he says his shop was been overwhemed with deer accident repairs.

"This year, it seems right now it has been a little bit higher.  We have had seven this week alone," said Orlowski.

State Farm Insurance agency says nearly 18 percent of all deer related accidents happen during November.  Orlowski says usually deer repairs are only cosmetic, and often times cars are still driveable.  Cosmetic or not, the repair fees can be pretty expensive!

"The damage, on average, is generally around $3,000, I bet," said Orlowski.

He says as much as he wants your business, he would rather drivers be safe, and keep their eyes peeled in deer ridden areas.

"Just drive with caution.  I live on a road where there are deer present every day.  I know two spots where I am going to see them and I slow way down," said Orlowski.


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