Boosting Benton Harbor: old building to become downtown restaurant

A massive antique sits right in the heart of downtown Benton Harbor, an old brick building from 1879. Now a Chicago resident has decided to save it from ruin and turn it into something unique for the city. 

The building is set to become a new downtown restaurant. But Before Brian Seckelman got a hold of it, it was on the verge of becoming a vacant lot.

But Seckelman saw potential in the old bricks, despite the roof caving in and lots of needed upgrades. So he bought it. And now he's turning it into a downtown bar and restaurant. 

It's got 2 floors, complete with rooftop seating, and a large brick oven he wants to use to give the city its own unique pizza joint. It's something to add flare to a thriving downtown.

"You got a brew pub over here," said owner Brian Seckelman. "Great breakfast place, a couple of them. Nice new lovely downtown. And I would like to see another 20 more."

Check out the video for a tour.

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