Boosting Benton Harbor: Prep underway for Senior PGA Championship

The Senior PGA championship is set to tee off next month in Benton Harbor, a big boost for the city. Now preparations are underway for the thousands of tourists set to visit. 

It's a big win for Benton Harbor in many ways. You won't just have the countries attention on this one, but also the entire world. A truly international event happening at Harbor Shores golf course.

Less than a decade ago the course didn't even exist. Now it's serving as one of Benton Harbor's best assets. Big names in the sport will hit the fairway like John Daly and Tom Watson. And it truly is a community effort.   

More than 1700 volunteers are working hard to make this international event a success. 

"It's amazing," said Ryan Ogle, director of PGA championships. "You think about where this community was 15 or 20 years ago. Where it's coming and where it's going."

"There will be people from 90 countries in the world seeing what's going on here," said Bryan Tutton, director for Benton Harbor redevelopment. "There's a lot of change and a lot of positive things happening."

If you'd like to volunteer you can sign up here

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