Braun pulls campaign ad

NOW: Braun pulls campaign ad

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Republican U.S. Senate nominee Mike Braun is under fire for quietly pulling his “doers” campaign earlier this week.

He tweeted out his the ad campaign on August 8.

Less than two weeks later, all mention of it on his social media was gone.

His critics believe he scrubbed his pages because the video was too similar to California-based energy company Chevron’s “doers” ad.

Braun’s camp did not respond to ABC 57 News’ inquiries.

“Rep. Braun will say or do anything to help himself – even if it means trying to steal a company’s nationally-recognized intellectual property,” said Michael Feldman, a spokesman for Indiana’s Democratic Party in a statement to ABC 57 News. “The only logical explanation for trying to make this single ad vanish would be that chevron threatened to sue him if he didn’t take it down.”

ABC 57 News also reached out to Chevron but did not receive a response.

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