Break-in at local barbershop

NOW: Break-in at local barbershop

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – The owner of Exclusive Studios in Mishawaka said the person who broke into their barbershop stole over 15 hundred dollars worth of important equipment.

“We immediately called the police, and we were all shocked like we had to close for the day. The glass was all shattered everywhere and empty, empty clippers on different stations,” Julio Rodriguez said. 

 Rodriguez said his team showed up to work on Tuesday to find a shattered glass door, busted ring lights scattered on the ground and 10 pairs of hair clippers missing.

 Rodriguez told ABC57 they’ve only been in business for two years and they did file a police report hoping the culprit is caught.

“They’re also looking at cameras around here, so hopefully we get some good news soon, or anything honestly,” Rodriguez said. 

Rodriguez said they boarded up the door and had a professional cleaning crew and went out and bought new clippers so they could reopen Wednesday. But with all the financial struggle from the pandemic shutdowns, the crime is making it even harder for this independent small business to turn a profit. 

 “We can’t let this hurt us,” said Rodriguez. “We’re just trying to look at the positive side of it and just try and move on. And hopefully, we could get some good news with the cops and anything, and hopefully, it doesn’t happen to anybody around here."

ABC57 reached out to the Mishawaka detective to see if there are any leads, but have not heard back yet. 


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