Breakfast Fundraiser raises $32,000 for Arial Harrison to get prosthetic ears

NOW: Breakfast Fundraiser raises $32,000 for Arial Harrison to get prosthetic ears

CASSOPOLIS, Mich. --  A close-knit community and a good cause brought a Cass County neighborhood together Saturday and ultimately raised a total of $32,000 for a girl in need of prosthetic ears. 

The Central Cass Fire Department held a pancake breakfast and fundraiser for Arial Harrison who was brutally attacked by a neighbor’s pitbull in 2017. The attack left her with life threatening injuries including to her scalp, and no ears. 

Harrison's neighbor and family friend Devon Allen says she feels it was important to be here today to support her. 

"All I could think about is that could've been any little kid. My son is 8-year-old and he grows up with her older sister," said Allen.

CCFD expected the final tally of people that are attending this event to be well over 100 people.

At the pancake breakfast alone, $17,000 was raised to total $32,00 since the beginning of April. The story gained national attention. Donations have been received from all over the country and as far as Scotland. 

Arial's mother says when Arial gets her ears, it will boost her confidence and it would stop the bullying.

"That would help a lot and her confidence and then it will help for when she goes to school so kids aren't bullying," said Kendra Canen, Arial's mother. 

Canen says the next step is to go to Virginia where Arial will be fitted for her new ears and she will begin the reconstruction process.

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