Breast milk donation site in South Bend celebrates grand opening

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—A new breast milk donation site in South Bend celebrated its grand opening on February 27.

Mahogany Maternity has partnered with The Milk Bank to open a breast milk donation site on Lincoln Way West in South Bend.

The milk depot’s goal is to help provide premature and fragile infants with complete nutrition and a fighting chance at life.

“We’ve got moms and babies who are ill, who are not making it to that first birthday. What I’m excited about with the milk bank is that this is a way to bring moms together to say, 'I can help you out. I’m there for you. I’ll donate this milk.' For whatever reason, if you’re not able to breast feed, we can get that milk to the NICUs and support those babies,” said Kelly Brien, owner of Mahogany Maternity.

The new site is Indiana’s 35th milk depot.

At the depot, approved donor mothers can drop off frozen surplus breast milk. The milk is then transported via dry ice to The Milk Bank in Indianapolis to be pasteurized and distributed to NICUs and outpatient families throughout the Midwest.

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