Brewery coming to abandoned police post in Bridgman

An abandoned state police post in Bridgman is getting a Chicago-style makeover. The owners of Haymarket Pub and Brewery in Chicago are opening a brewery there. 

John Neurauter, one of the owners, said finding the abandoned building was serendipitous.

"We thought it would be a nice way to branch out and join another awesome group of brewers in Michigan, and we found this land and just fell in love with it," Neurauter said. 

However, the building does present some challenges, such as making the ceilings higher, and figuring out what to do with the 17 acres of wetlands on the property.

The new brewery will include a bar, restaurant with brick oven pizzas and beer garden. 

"Michigan's a really big beer state, and it's really friendly to brewers," Neurauter said.

Construction could take up to a year and a half, but Neurauter is hoping to get brewing within a year. 
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