Broken water main leaves icy mess behind

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend residents near Catherwood and Manor drives have been dealing with icy roads because of a water main break on Monday.

Water flowed from the broken main and down the street. Overnight it froze, then snow fell on top of the ice.

Resident Kelly Jones says the mess left behind by the broken water main is causing serious problems.

"It made a pretty icy mess that they did not clean up," said Jones.

Even laying out salt will not help the problem.

"When it melts the ice, all it does is make liquid, then it freezes again and you got more ice. And now you don't just have the original ice, but the snow has turned into ice as well," said Jones.

Jones says there's about three inches of solid ice along the side of the street.

Residents are worried about driving over the ice sheets.

"There are school buses that go through here that can slide on that ice and people can get hurt," said Jones.

We reached out to the streets and water department about what residents could do, but we have not yet heard back from them.


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