Brother killed older brother using Samurai sword

Bradley Arndt, 47, is accused of using a sword to kill his older brother Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses say 50-year old Thomas Arndt went to Bradley's home on Sunday and after an argument, things got deadly.

It is a town of just 2,000 people,  many of whom are life-long residents who inherited their parents' homes.

“See I grew up here my whole life, there used to be a lot of kids, but we're all grown up now,” said neighbor Samuel Bohlim.

He was outside putting up Christmas decorations when he said he heard a yell.

“This is a quiet, peaceful area so things like that, don't happen,” said Bohlim.

A neighbor called 911 and when first responders arrived, Thomas was lying on the front yard with multiple stab wounds.

That sword was found in a neighboring yard.

As of Monday night, there was no court date scheduled for Arndt, but he is being held on $1 million bond.

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