Business blooming for Granger Florist as they sell out mid-week for Mother's Day

NOW: Business blooming for Granger Florist as they sell out mid-week for Mother’s Day

GRANGER, Ind. --The pandemic has closed many businesses’ doors over the past year and that rings true for a local floral shop in Granger who had to shut out customers for several months.

But, because many were figuring out how to still celebrate the big moments at home, Granger Florist owners says flower sales are booming.

The Granger Florist getting all hands-on deck for a full week of Mother’s Day preparations.

More than 300 orders came flying in and by mid-week, the shop completely sold out of all flowers putting a halt to it all.

The manager Tyla Leas says her business expected a busy year like the previous years before, but as a small local business, even with increased orders they prefer putting quality and care over everything.

Last week on Wednesday, the florists had to put a stop to all third-party sales because it was all too much too handle for the limited staff to try and provide the highest quality orders at the volume they were seeing.

Leas says even with a great holiday week, the pandemic was a dark time for many businesses but they are thankful to be a source of light and positivity to their community throughout the dark times.

That need for optimism and love showing in the flower shop’s sales with increases across the board, but specifically during the holidays and for other special occasions.

Leas says the pandemic provided the perfect time for people to learn how to show love in different ways while supporting small businesses like the one she runs.

“We can’t thank our community enough, we are very fortunate to have made it through most of this pandemic. We’re getting towards the end here and we feel very fortunate that our community has reached out and they really try to keep it local,” Leas said.

And, sending flowers has resurged as a meaningful way to connect people during a time when distance was keeping many apart.

She is proud her business supported people through the good times but realizes she also helped many find peace when sending messages for health, strength and perseverance.

“People wanted to connect one way or another with their families and people who usually came to see them for a birthday, or came to see them for Mother’s Day, they weren’t able to so they reached out with flowers and you know, we bridged that gap,” Leas said.

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