C-SPAN's interactive bus visits Washington High School

NOW: C-SPAN’s interactive bus visits Washington High School


SOUTH BEND, Ind.—C-SPAN’s 45-foot interactive bus visited Washington High School on Tuesday to engage students, teachers, community members and elected officials.

C-SPAN is partnering with Comcast to educate citizens about the United States government as election season approaches.

“We like them to know how they can include themselves and what’s happening in the country. How they can have a voice. How they are allowed to watch all of our coverage that’s archived on our website and kind of make up their own mind about what’s happening,” said Ivette Lucero, a marketing representative for C-SPAN.

The bus made its stop in Michiana on its way to Chicago. It’s been touring since 1993 and has been to all 50 states.

The 45-foot interactive bus features 11 large interactive tablets, a smart TV, classroom area, a 360-degree video station and a D.C. selfie station.

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