Californian with local connection talks about wildfires

NOW: Californian with local connection talks about wildfires

ANAHEIM, Ca. – A woman with ties to Michiana is sharing her experience with the wildfires in California.

South Bend native Christina Gutierrez now lives in Anaheim, California.

“I was outside doing some work on the house and looked up and just noticed a huge plum of smoke. I could definitely notice the air quality in the surrounding area was impacted it was moving quickly to the area of my house right where I live,” says Gutierrez.

Officials say she’s safe from the blaze but the surrounding areas have been evacuated.

Gutierrez says she has experienced wildfires before but they seem to be getting worse.

“We are used to wildfires but I think they’re happening more frequently they are more catastrophic, they’re larger, harder to contain, I’ve heard a lot of firefighters say that we no longer have a wildfire season it’s just something that continues year round here so i do feel like over the last couple of years it is something that has intensified,” says Gutierrez.

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