Campus preps for USC weekend at Notre Dame

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The Fighting Irish Team isn’t the only group that’s prepping for the big rivalry weekend, Notre Dame’s campus is getting ready for a big boost in people.

"It's such a big rivalry and it's such a big game for Notre Dame, so we'll probably have on campus this weekend somewhere between 105,000 to 120,000 people and that’s a lot to absorb and to take care of, but we can’t wait,” said Mike Seamon Director of Game Day Operations.
With the first night game in 21 years at Notre Dame Stadium, game day activities are even being spruced up. "We're trying to add more things to do. We're having fireworks at the pep rally on Friday night,” said Seamon.
As the excitement grows for a historic weekend on campus so does the pressure to make the campus look good, but Wednesday’s bad weather isn’t helping the preparation.
“It’s horrible weather today and predicted horrible weather tomorrow. That really compresses the ability of what you can or can't do outside,” said Seamon.
But Seamon said they’re ready to go once the weather stops.
“Based on Thursday night, Friday if the forecast holds will be very active days getting out, setting everything up. So there's only so much planning you can do now. We just need the weather to clear,” said Seamon.
There are some changes coming to game day for the night game, you can find a full schedule here.

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