Campuses say goodbye to the snow

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – As more snow invades Michiana, local colleges' grounds crews are staying busy trying to get rid of it all.

The six person crew at Saint Mary’s College came in at 6 a.m. on Thursday to stay ahead of the snow.

Director of Grounds Mark Kubacki said it wasn’t very long ago they were still mowing the lawn.

"It seemed like we were raking and piling leaves a couple weeks ago and now we're right in the middle of winter,” said Kubacki.
Kubacki said along with moving snow from miles of sidewalks on the 100 acre campus, they clear over 85 entrances the old fashioned way by hand with a shovel.
Saint Mary’s College isn’t the only school in the area trying to pile up its snow.
Indiana University-South Bend had its crew out in full force also on Thursday.
"We're trying to mobilize six grounds people, 31 custodians to get ready for approximately 7,000 people coming to campus each day,” said Director of Facilities Management Mike Prater.
Prater said the winter weather isn’t just affecting the 71 acres of campus outside, but also indoors.
"Trying to keep the entryways clear and keep the tile floors clean and keep the sidewalks safe from slipping and falling on those,” said Prater.
Even when this current streak of snow leaves, there’s always more work on the campuses to be done.

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