Candidates raise record funds in heated U.S. Senate race

NOW: Candidates raise record funds in heated U.S. Senate race

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Indiana’s U.S. Senate showdown is getting expensive.

House and Senate spending in 2010 was $3.6 billion and it was up to $3.8 billion in 2014. More than $3.97 billion has been spent already on the 2018 midterms.

“Joe Donnelly, the incumbent Democrat who has currently raised $14.55 million dollars just surpassed the amount that he and his top opponent Richard Murdock raised in 2012 combined,” said Brendan Quinn, the Outreach and Social Media Manager for the Center for Responsive Politics.

Six years ago, Republican candidate Richard Murdock out-raised Donnelly. His campaign brought in $8.8 million compared to Donnelly’s $5.6 million. Donnelly’s 2018 haul eclipses their money they’ve raised combined by more than $60,000 and the race isn’t even over yet.

Indiana’s U.S. Senate race is the fifth most expensive election in the country right now. It’s behind only Florida, Missouri, Arizona and Texas.

“Which puts Indiana at over $69.1 million spent so far for the cycle, includes the amount of money spent by candidates and the amount of money spent by outside groups,” said Quinn.

“And his Republican opponent Mike Braun has not raised a small amount either he’s raised $13.38 million,” said Quinn.

Braun also loaned his campaign several million dollars.

“Historically self-funding candidates don’t do as well because when they’re self-funding they’re not having to get out there and meet their constituents and meet people giving them money and people who can help with their fundraising,” said Quinn.  “So he is an interesting case that we will be watching as one of a few self-funders.”

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