Car break-ins continue in Osceola

NOW: Car break-ins continue in Osceola

OSCEOLA, Ind. -- Car break-ins continue to disrupt Osceola residents.

St. Joseph County Police say the city of Osceola was the latest vehicle theft hub, with several cases reported last week.

Osceola neighbors have been warning one another for weeks to lock their car doors and hide their valuables as a string of break-ins have happened throughout the area.

“Something needs to be done because this is constantly going on,” said Osceola neighbor, Lori.

Lori moved to the area in 2005, since then she says her driveway has been robbed 4 times. She says her dogs scared away thieves in the act just a couple weeks ago.

“A lot of people are complaining, but a lot of people are also afraid to file reports it seems like, because it’s small things that they are being taken,” Lori explained.

But the St Joseph County Police Department says residents should not hesitate to report any suspicious activity.

Wallets, purses, and cellphones are popular items to be taken. According to police, a car has been broken into for a cup holder filled with change. Just like the range of items taken, the St. Joseph County Police department says the range of suspects committing these crimes varies.

Now, Lori says many neighbors are staying up later at night and protecting themselves with security equipment.

“I have a driveway alarm, I have motion lights, a shot gun ready and god forbids anybody walks in my house. There’s a can of hairspray and a lighter, so they’re going to go out in a flame of glory,” Lori said.

Residents are warning one another to be vigilant, watch for patterns in neighborhoods and report suspicious activity.

Police also say that these types of crimes come up sporadically throughout the entire county, and that it does not make a difference where you live.

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