Car hits home, people say felt like earthquake

ELKHART, Ind. -- A car crashed into porch on Benham Avenue in Elkhart after first colliding with a truck and hitting another house on the way.

Police say the car was traveling south on Benham Avenue when it ran a red light. The truck was traveling west on Indiana Avenue. The two cars hit and the car went up on the sidewalk, hit the left side of the first house, and then came to a stop once it hit the porch of the neighboring home.
The woman driving the car was in her sixties and was taken to Elkhart Memorial Hospital where she was released with a fractured collar bone. The driver of the truck left the scene uninjured.
Janet Johnson and James Gayfield were inside the second home when it hit.
“It sounded like the house was going to fall. So I told him to come on lets go it sounds like the house is going to fall,” said Johnson.
The two ran outside and Johnson called 911. “I didn’t even know how to fix my mouth to say it, but I just said hurry up get here a car just hit my house,” said Johnson.
When the car hit the home, it knocked over a column and left the front porch leaning to right, but the hit also did damage to the inside.
“Like an earthquake, hit my TV, computer and all that laying across the floor, pictures and stuff,” said Gayfield.
Johnson said they don’t have renters insurance, and don’t know how much of their stuff was damaged.
Gayfield said the only electricity that would work in the front room is the Christmas tree lights, and Johnson said this is just awful timing with the holiday’s right around the corner.

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