Cars shot at in Lincoln Manor neighborhood

A couple of South Bend residents woke up on Monday to the sound of rapid gunfire. At least two cars were damaged by bullet holes. 

Police were dispatched at 1 a.m. on Monday to the 2700 block of West Bonds Avenue. 

Erica Kettle was home with her father-in-law and 11-month-old daughter, Natalia, when she heard several popping sounds. 

Kettle said she looked out the window and saw someone firing a gun from a moving car.

Kettle said, “They shot through a car down the street, and they got our car, and kept shooting.”

Kettle said she feels this was a random and violent act. 

Kettle said, “That was very scary, so the first thing I did was check on her while I was calling 911 to make sure it didn’t go through the house.”

Kettle said her father-in-law had to file a police report because their car was hit. 

Kettle said, “It went through the back and through the seats. I’m mad that they were shooting at our house. I’m mad that it could have hit my daughter, my dogs, myself." 

Next door, Maraka Yazid said his granddaughter was sleeping on the couch when shots were fired. 

Yazid said, “There’s no way that I would have been able to explain that to my daughter that my granddaughter, who’s  down here the summer, that she got shot by a stray bullet.”

Yazid said he's thankful no one was hurt, and he wants to start a neighborhood watch group following the incident. 

Yazid said, “I’m not saying I’m glad that their van got hit, but I’m glad that something stopped that bullet.”

South Bend Police are investigating the incident. 

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