Casino set to draw many to South Bend's sixth district

NOW: Casino set to draw many to South Bend’s sixth district

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — a handful of major projects including a new casino could soon turn South Bend’s sixth district into one of the city’s busiest areas.

“People are energized here today and they really want to know what’s going on in their district, in their city and the area they live,” said Oliver Davis, the district’s common council representative.

Residents from the Rum Village neighborhood met with the councilman Sunday at Our Lady of Hungary School to talk about the many changes headed their way.

“I got a note this morning that said ‘your district is going to be one of the fastest growing and most traveled one, starting this Tuesday,’” said Councilman Davis.

Some folks living in the area say they have a lot to be happy about thanks to the opening of the new Four Winds Casino in their backyards.

“I was really excited about it coming to the sixth district because of the jobs that comes with the casino and businesses around it that are going to benefit from it also,” said Patrick Shelton, Rum Villiage Neighborhood Association President.

But with all that busy traffic headed their way as soon as Tuesday, quite a few folks also have concerns.

“I live by the casino and the Oliver Apartments,” said neighbor Kathy Baugher. “So in the summer I’m just hoping it stays quiet.”

The Oliver Apartments complex is another major development to open in the district recently.

It’s a part of the city’s FUSE (Frequent Users System Engagement) Project, open the area’s homeless population.

Some see the growth as a good thing for the area, but would also like to see other districts get more of a share in social services like that.

“With growth comes progress and with progress comes different challenges and therefore we have to be aware of both of them and make sure we as a city prepare for that,” said Councilman Davis.

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