Cass County releases update to road closures due to flooding

CASS COUNTY, Mich. -- The Cass County Sheriff's Department released an updated list of roads that are closed due to flooding this weekend.

The following roads are closed due to flooding or culvert failure:

  • Oil CityRoad from Davis Lake Street to Ashton Road
  • Mt Zion Street from Stewart Road to Calvin Center Road
  • Cassopolis Road from Crooked Creek Road to Osborn Street
  • Mason Street from Calvin Center Road to Tharp Lake Road
  • Bulhand Street from Lamb Road to Calvin Center Road - 1 lane closed

Roads closed due to prior flooding:

  • Carter Lake St from Birch to Baldwin Prairie Road
  • Wade Road from Chain Lake Street to Mt Zion Street
  • McKenzie Street from Lawrence to Goff Lake Road

Water over the road signs posted

  • Davis Lake from Lane to Ashton
  • North Shore from Davis Lake to Calvin Hill
  • Chapel Hill from Tharp Lake to Calvin Center Road
  • Tharp Lake from Chapel Hill to Hawks Street

Click here to view a map of the road closures

If you have damage to your business or your home as a result of the flood, please call 269-445-1460 and leave your name, phone number and a brief description of the damage. You can also submit this information using this online form

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