Cassopolis woman orders shed off Shopify, receives wallet instead

NOW: Cassopolis woman orders shed off Shopify, receives wallet instead

CASSOPOLIS, Ind. --- Shopify hosts over 800,000 businesses around the world and the ecommerce site is now just second behind Amazon. Shopify allows any shop to easily start a business through their platform, but some buyers are worried that the popular site cannot be trusted.

One Cassopolis woman ordered a shed for $200 in August from a shop hosted by Shopify and nearly a month later received a wallet in the mail.

Shopify buyer, Breanne Lee, even paid for expedited shipping. After Lee did not receive the order, she reached out to the shop called “Soijsdcvhr”. Before the package arrived, the shop stopped responding, according to Lee.

“Then the shop disappeared,” said Lee.” I couldn’t look at my order, I couldn’t look at where my order was in the shipping process…couldn’t track my order,” said Lee.

After several attempts at contacting the shop, she then reached out to Shopify. In an email, a Shopify representative told her that they cannot force refunds or interfere with how the independent shops operate, according to Lee.

“Shopify blocked me,” said Lee. “I can no longer message them, I can’t even email them….it’s ridiculous,” continued Lee.

Lee hoped she would get a great deal buying a shed at a discount for her new home, but instead spent nearly $200 for a cheap wallet.

“You have mouths to feed,” said Lee. “$200 can feed your kids for a week and it’s in their pockets,” said Lee.

Lee even found that same shed she tried to order through a different website that looks almost identical, according to Lee. She worried these vendors used different platforms to scam people. Through her research, she found nearly 30 other victims on Facebook who had problems with Shopify.

“They’re making all this money,” said Lee. “When you have all these customers that are not getting their materials because you allow all these shops to be created and deleted at a drop of a hat, these customers have nothing but frustration, loss of money and loss of time,” continued Lee.

A spokesperson for Shopify responded to ABC 57’s request for comment:

"Shopify believes in making commerce better for everyone, and we take concerns around the goods and services made available by merchants on our platform very seriously. We have a team who handles fraud complaints, and this shop is no longer on the Shopify platform."

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