Catalytic converters stolen from Elkhart County businesses

ELKHART, Ind. -- Deputies from the Elkhart Sheriff's Department are asking for your help to bring a thief to justice!

Between Dec. 7 and Dec. 12, two area businesses reported a high number of catalytic converters being stolen from their business' vehicles.

Goshen Coach at 25161 Leer Drive reported 46 catalytic converters stolen. Mor Ryde, located at 23208 Cooper Drive, had 31 catalytic converters stolen.

The sheriff's department is asking area businesses to be aware of these types of thefts and take precautions to safeguard their inventories.

Police said that scrap yard and businesses dealing with recycled metal should be aware of the recent rash of thefts and keep an eye out.

Anyone with more information can contact the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department at (574) 533-4151.

(Source: This information was from a press release, courtesy of the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department)

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