Center for Homeless in South Bend looking for local artists

The Center for the Homeless in South Bend is striving for a new art initiative for school aged-children and they're asking for the community’s help.

They’re looking for local artists to show off their talents to help children learn how to express themselves.

“Our artists come in, some of them have projects to share with the children, give them some instructions and what to do and guide them along the way,” said Christin Kloski ,  the center’s Community Involvement and Volunteer Coordinator.

They welcomed artists throughout the summer periodically, but now they’re looking to make it weekly event.

They’re looking for artists who will bring something unique and different. Some of the art the children have done includes painting canvases, records and even decorating tiles.

“The biggest benefit they get out of it is this is an emotional outlet for them,” said Dustin Schafer, the School-Aged Children’s Services Coach.

“A lot of them come in and have a lot of trauma that they deal with and it is hard to get that out of them. So, giving them multiple outlets, including art, is a magnificent way of getting them to express themselves,” said Schafer.

If you’re a local artist and interested in volunteering your time to these children, you can email Christin Kloski at or call the center at 574-282-8700.

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