Chase Tower up for sale

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The tallest building in South Bend has been crumbling for years now and the tenants have finally had enough.

Last week a group of tenants grouped together to voice their complaints about the poor state of the building.

"The parking garage, the cooling towers, the elevators and all of these things combined has prompted us to form a small group to try and facilitate or at least voice our opinion on what's going on in the building," said Brent Sheppard, the President of Xanatek- a tenant at the Chase Tower.

The group formed a petition to try and and encourage the owners to take action.

"One of our complaints is that the building has been under receivership for 12 months and it's not on the market for sale," said Sheppard.

But that complaint may receive attention thanks to an agreement between attorney's on Tuesday night.

The attorney's for bankrupt owners of the Chase Tower and the attorney for the bank agreed to put the building up for sale, a move forward in the rehabilitation of the building.

"This is a good thing," said Mayor Pete Buttigieg. "I want this building sold and I want it in good hands and that can only happen if the information is out there. What you get when you have a listing is it makes more information available to the public."

Buttigieg said his primary goal is to ensure that the building is in good hands.

"Once it's out, a number of investors who've been waiting for more information will have a chance to get it and then they can make their decisions about what this building is worth." 

Buttigieg does not want to use taxpayer dollars to pay for any rehabilitation for the building, but said "everything is on the table."

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