Chicory Cafe reopens Trivia Night on Thursdays

NOW: Chicory Cafe reopens Trivia Night on Thursdays


MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- The Chicory Cafe opened a new location in Mishawaka around this time last year, and after reopening their doors again last month, they’re not only serving up fresh brewed coffee and sandwiches, but also hosting events for the whole family.

“We waited to put trivia back in until the state regulations were a little but more aligned having groups of people,” Chicory Café Owner Andrew Shreiber said.

“It’s been an odd operation since then but, we’ve done trivia every Thursday as lively as we can.”

On a normal Thursday, trivia nights could hold up to 300 people, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve cut it down to a 30 to 50 person capacity limit.

“We’ve kind of had to readapt and reinvent what we’re doing since we can’t have 300 people in our banquet hall,” Schreiber said.

“The government regulation says that we can be up to 100% capacity starting after July 4th but I don’t want to do that. I want to keep it to smaller groups, keep it as little contact as possible.”

The cafe is also taking extra precautionary measures to keep everyone safe.

“We make sure that every employee is again masked up and gloved up all the time and we do ask our guests to arrive with a mask until they’re seated with their group while interacting with employees and for trivia,” Shreiber said.

Most trivia and bingo nights in Michiana have been cancelled until further notice, but the Chicory Cafe hopes that with the added safety precautions, people will feel more comfortable coming out.

“We just put even more planning into them so we normally are very thoughtful for exactly what the guest experience is, we now have a added layer of depth of how to keep the guests even safer than normal,” Schreiber said.

The Chicory Cafe will be hosting trivia night every Thursday, and even some drive-thru food events for folks on the weekends.

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