Children among the highest risk groups for flu

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Children are in one of the highest risk groups for the flu. Doctors say it has to do with their inability to fight off infections.

Pediatricians say children are exposed to countless germs and viruses.

Because their immune systems are weak, it is difficult for them to fight off even the common cold, let alone something as serious as the flue.

That’s why doctors say it is so important for kids six months and older to get the flu shot.

“There's a lot of protection that you can give to these kids. You see it around, there's mortality, there's people that die from the flu and this is something that can be prevented,” said Pediatrician Waldemar Rosario.

Doctors say if your kids are unable to get a flu shot and they start exhibiting symptoms of the flu, they need to be seen by a doctor immediately.

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