Chivo’s Pizza raises money for shooting victim’s family

NOW: Chivo’s Pizza raises money for shooting victim’s family

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Chivo’s Pizza announced that they will donate $1 for every pizza-by-the-slice they sell to the family of Curtis Frazier Jr., a South Bend teenager who was shot and killed on September 6. The fundraiser will last through end of business on September 11.

The pizza restaurant says that the death of Frazier saddens them because the workers there are comprised of alumni from Riley High School—the same school that Frazier attended.

Their goal is to get people talking about how the community can put an end to gun violence.

“I wish that I had a bigger voice for everybody out there who feel like they need to protect themselves in some kind of way with guns,” Brock Cosey said, who is a manager at Chivo’s Pizza. “I’m not sure why that is but I wish it could stop.”

There is a go fund me page for the funeral expenses for Curtis Frazier Jr.

Also injured in the same shooting was 18-year-old Makyi Toliver.

Police say that there are no suspects, and an investigation is ongoing.

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